Now Keyframe Correct 2 script for After Effects was released on my Gumroad. It’s a simple tool to nudge keyframes to the exact frame time.

Here’s short promo animation for Keyframe Correct 2. As you can see, it’s not difficult to use. Just a few click to correct keyframes!

[Quick Installation]
Copy “keyframe_correct_2.jsxbin” file you downloaded and paste it to the “ScriptUI Panels” folder located in the “Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects \Support Files\Scripts (Windows)” or “Applications/Adobe After Effects /Scripts (Mac OS)” folder. If you want to know more about installation, check After Effects Help.

[Quick Explanation]
It’s easy to use. All you need to do is to select the composition you want to correct keyframes, and then click “Keyframe Correct” button (all layers mode). So the script nudges keyframes.keyframe correct 2 screen capture

Anyway, I hope some guys think it’s handy for their animation work and it speeds up their workflow.
Grab Keyframe Correct 2 for AE right now if you are interested!

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