I’m so sorry but I stopped sharing all my stuff on Gumroad for several reasons.

I had been sharing my tiny little scripts for AE for free/at a low price over 2 years but it didn’t work well for me. I’m not a master coder, so it takes so long to write a proper script for AE. I’m just a freelance animator and I realized that sharing scripts was not my business. Yes, sharing scripts business was so hard for me.

I’ll definitely continue to write scripts for AE, but probably I’ll not share it on the web. I’ll write my crappy scripts for myself or my friends animators/mographers.

I still want to help mograph community to be helped by the community. So I hope I’ll be able to help this sweet community in another ways. I love the mograph community!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation on this matter.

5 thoughts on “ Stopped Sharing All My Stuff… ”

    1. Thank you so much for your words and understanding, Guillaume. I appreciate it.
      I’m not sure what I can do but I’m planning to start interview series to my mograph heroes, tutorials, and short animation series from 2017!

  1. Wow, I just saw this. So sorry that it did not work out. I just wanted to say thank you for the scripts that you did release: the isometric cube one was so neat. Good luck with your new projects.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like it.
      I’ll re-release my little tools on my Gumroad gradually in my spare time.

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