Keyframe Is King {Wallpaper Dark Sample}
Keyframe Is King {Wallpaper Bright Sample}

Yesterday I uploaded an animated GIF shot(below) on Dribbble. It’s my personal project called Keyframe Is King and it was also released on Cotton Bureau as tee & hoodie(Please check the images below).
“Keyframe Is King” is one of my life-time themes and I love it, so I created my first wallpaper for myself. And I decided to share it for free.

Keyframe Is King {gif}
Keyframe Is King {Tee Oatmeal}
Keyframe Is King {Tee Grey}
Keyframe Is King {Hoodie}

There are 2 color versions of my wallpaper for you guys/gals. Check out the small images above once more. Both versions include 2 resolution jpeg file: 1920x1200px & 2550x1440px.

Please don’t expect much of my wallpaper. It’s my crappy freebie stuff. I hope you like it, especially many mographers/animators feel the same way & dig it. And I eagerly hope my tee & hoodie get printed. So please keep your fingers crossed.

Download the Keyframe Is King Wallpaper Dark
Download the Keyframe Is King Wallpaper Bright

By downloading this wallpaper, you agree to the following.
1. You may not re-distribute this wallpaper by any means, for free, or for a fee.
2. You may not alter this wallpaper for re-distribution.

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