Animated Camera Icon {gif}

Everybody loves the freebie stuff, right?
I created tiny little camera icon for the project I was working on. It was just a illustration for fake UI. I thought it’s not bad, so I animated it in my precious spare time. And now I decided to share it for free!
If you’re interested in my GIF above, download the AEP file on my dribbble page and play around with it now!

The file you can download is an AEP file (After Effects Project File). I uploaded 3 versions (CC2014, CC and CS6). It includes the original animation of my GIF above, non-animated camera icon and animated camera icon with completion slider. So you can animate it from scratch or adjust my timings/easings.

Please don’t expect much. It’s my crappy freebie. But don’t hesitate to give me a feedback. And please follow me on Dribbble if you don’t dislike me! Because this is a freebie.
Anyway, I’m happy if my freebie helps you out even just a little.

Download the AEP file on my dribbble page

By downloading this aep file, you agree to the following.
1. You may use this aep file in commercial project and personal project.
2. You may not re-distribute this aep file by any means, for free, or for a fee.
3. You may not alter this aep file for re-distribution.

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